Collaborative Technologies are Driving the Future of Supply Chain

Collaboration is steadily emerging as a 21st-century buzz word within the manufacturing industry, but it is often plagued with generalized quasi-understanding. Is it data sharing? Is it software integrations? Is it minimalist iconography of shaking hands?  Collaborative Supply Chain Management can mean all of those things. Most importantly it means adopting tools and processes to […]

Adaptability is the Key to Creating Resilient Supply Chains

For any company that makes commodities, taking steps to create resilience in your supply web can make or break the survival of your business when confronted with unforeseen events. Creating supply web resilience means having processes, systems, and/or technologies in place to ensure the continued success and longevity of your supply and relationships over time.   In the manufacturing industry, […]

Omnae CEO Interview : Coping with COVID-19 – Rethinking the future of Supply Chains

The pandemic has disrupted supply chains across the globe, leaving some manufacturers to rethink everything from reliance on international suppliers to the way they use technology. Omnae Technologies Dan Lionello joins the show to discuss how COVID-19 has rapidly changed the way companies are approaching supply chains. Hosted by: Tyler Orton, Business in Vancouver Supply […]

Accelerate your Supply Chain in a time of Disruption

As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to subside in many parts of the world, the manufacturing industry wakes up to a new bleak reality. Many companies have already gone out of business due to lack of demand through the pandemic, while others have lost their vendors and are now faced with a broken supply chain.  In […]

The COVID-19 Crisis: Not all Masks are Created Equal

The global COVID-19 outbreak has exposed the best and worst in our society. On one hand, it is incredibly encouraging to see the efforts and sacrifices that are being made. Communities have come together to combat the spread of the disease, ironically, by staying apart. Governments continue to work night and day to protect the interest […]