Do you control your supply chain or does your supply chain control you?

Supply Chain Rescue

With over 30 years of custom manufacturing experience, Omnae brings a seasoned team of Supply chain experts and quality engineers to help clients rescue their supply chains.

Upstart brands often find themselves beholden to their early manufacturing partners in any number of ways. Omnae is experienced in creating healthy relationships with these partners while reducing your reliance on them.

Our team can help you:

Plan geographic distribution of suppliers to avoid supply risk and better serve your demand base

Identify choke points and develop redundancy and failover plans

Assess product engineering and documentation for manufacturability and clarity

Engage with difficult suppliers on your behalf to establish document control and direct access to sub-tier suppliers

We will be your boots on the ground!

Getting personnel you trust into your suppliers’ facilities is more difficult than ever. Omnae’s team of quality engineers is established in major manufacturing centers around the world and is available to inspect facilities and tooling.

We can provide you with:

  • On site inspection for new and existing suppliers
  • Discovery and assessment of sub-tier suppliers
  • Locate and inspect your tooling in the field