We’re on a mission to create trust and transparency in supply chains.

The supply chain industry deserves connection, transparency, and modern tools. At our core, we aim to help companies foster stronger relationships, realize scale, and do it all while building a more sustainable and more accountable future for manufacturing.

Our Team

We are a family of innovators. Our fully remote teams in Canada and overseas hail from all corners of the globe.

We stay close through open communication, and the knowledge that we are all individuals, not just cogs in a machine. Plus, we encourage frequent pet cameos on zoom calls. Our remote culture gives our team the flexibility to be explorers, be parents, and learn more about the diverse lives we all live. 

Our Culture & Values

Omnae is a community, above all else. We support each other, champion each other’s ideas and give each other the permission and encouragement to innovate and take action.

Our team, which hails from all corners of the globe, stays close through open communication and the knowledge that we are all individuals, not just cogs in a machine. Collaboration is as much a part of the fabric of our culture as it is of the platform itself and we know that a win for one of us (or one of our customers) is a win for us all.


We are honest with our work and feedback and always give credit where it’s due. 


We welcome and adapt to new challenges and team members as the company changes and grows.


We strive to challenge the status quo, stay on the cutting edge of technology, and always champion new ideas.


We have an abundance mindset and make synergistic decisions that make sure everyone comes out a winner. 

Own your Experience

We celebrate every victory and learn from every mistake, no matter how big or small.


Interested in Joining Our Team?

Omnae is always seeking self-motivated go-getters who believe in our vision of a collaborative manufacturing industry that serves the whole world.

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