About Omnae

Our Mission


Our mission is to build trust and transparency in global manufacturing by creating a networked supply web that brings certainty, adaptability, scalability and accountability to its users.

We aim to improve the world Environmentally, Economically and Ethically. Through transparency and trust we will empower circular economies to thrive, champion environmentally conscious production and eradicate labour malpractices through collaborative social accountability.  


Omnae is bringing to life a reimagined global supply web that is intelligently proactive instead of wastefully reactive. Plus, we’re using our technology to make every step of ethical production easier for all vendors and customers around the world.

Our Values


● Complete transparency and honesty regarding the status and quality of one’s own work
● Giving candid feedback and opinion in a respectful and collaborative manner
● Giving credit where it is due


● Ability to adapt to new challenges as the company makes pivots to strategic direction
● Ability to welcome and collaborate with new employees and new working groups


● Striving to continuously improve system, process, and people
● Never settling for mediocrity, instead always challenging the status quo
● Stay up to date with latest technology and working methods

Win Win

● Having an abundance mindset instead of a scarcity one
● Making synergistic decisions to ensure all affected parties come out a winner

Own your Experience

● Taking full accountability for the success of your own work or project, and that of your team
● Celebrate each victory and learn from each mistake, no matter how small

Our Journey & Vision

The vision was to build a network and service that was bigger than just manufacturing. As the worlds industries eclipse into the digital age we created a technology that is both industry and country agnostic with the goal of connecting every facet of global production. We saw the potential and necessity for a global supply web, and knew we had the experiential know-how to build it.

Omnae is the brainchild of over 30 years of deep industry experience. In 1989, Padtech Industries, a small print shop near Vancouver, Canada, was founded and began producing small batch goods. As the shop grew, as did our founders first-hand experience in manufacturing. 15 years later, Padtech made a strategic decision to move production overseas and began its extensive experience as an intermediary with several international producers.

As the outsourcing model took hold, it became clear that Padtech wasn’t just a manufacturing company, but an information company. It became clear that the quality and timeliness of information is what determined the success of manufacturing. This idea – that quality wasn’t just about products, but also quality information, communications and relationships – is what shaped the idea for Omnae. In 2016, development of the Omnae Platform began with a small but intrepid team and a big vision.

Over the past three years, our intrepid team and collective vision has grown in tandem with the platform. Now, we are wholeheartedly excited to bring the whole global manufacturing network together at last with Omnae.

Our Leaders

Dan Lionello

Chief Executive Officer

Scott Lionello

Chief Technology Officer

Doug Zabkar

Chief Financial Officer


Kirsten McElgunn

Chief Marketing Officer

Rob Lionello

Chief Operating Officer


Karl Sigerist


Warren Rustand


Our Culture

Our Culture

Omnae is a community, above all else. We support each other, champion each others ideas and give each other the permission and encouragement to innovate and take action.

We operate with high integrity in all things, and always take responsibility and ownership for our experiences.

Our team, which hails from all corners of the globe, stays close through open communication and the knowledge that we are all individuals, not just cogs in a machine. Collaboration is as much a part of the fabric of our culture as it is of the platform itself and we know that a win for one of us (or one of our customers) is a win for us all.


Interested in joining our team? Omnae is always seeking self-motivated go-getters who believe in our vision of a collaborative manufacturing industry that serves the whole world.

Applications for this position have closed at this time, but if it sounds exciting to you please send your resume/CV and cover letter to info@omnae.com.

Applications for this position have closed at this time, but if it sounds exciting to you please send your resume/CV and cover letter to info@omnae.com.

Are you a mover, a shaker, and innovator? Contact us.