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Key Features Included in all plans

Document Control

Digital document control keeps an up-to-date record of all files, processes and transactional information for your whole team to access.

Vendor Score Cards

Track the performance of your vendor relationships over time to make informed decisions and communicate strategically.

Request for Quotes

Submit RFQs to multiple vendors simultaneously through one simple workflow. Collaborative design review ensures total design clarity pre-production.

Non-Conformance Reporting

Track and manage simplified root cause analysis for quality non-conformances.

Product Catalogue

Maintain an up-to-date catalogue of all your products and revision histories. Easily place orders for any product in your catalogue.

Real-time Quality Performance Analysis

Hone your output with up-to-date data on the performance of your vendors including their on-time rate, parts conformance rate, units shipped, and more.

Purchase Order Management

Place orders directly with your suppliers and manage all files, POs, invoices and logistics. Track production states, issue changes, and manage split shipments.

ISO 9001:2015 Compliant

Operate on globally compliant best practice workflows and SOPs for every step of supply management. 



Starting from
$150 / mon

Ideal for small teams

All Platform Features

Full Service Support

5 Included Seats

$30 / Additional Seat


Starting from
$500 / mon

Best for growing teams

All Platform Features

Full Service Support

App Level Integrations

20 Included Seats

$30 / Additional Seat


Connect for
Custom Pricing

Built for integration

All Platform Features

Full Service Support

50 seats included

$30 / Additional Seat


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