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Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier Discovery

Find new vendors on Omnae and evaluate them based on real world quality statistics to meet your company’s evolving needs.

Supplier Directory

Manage all of your suppliers, contact information, terms and performance information in one place.

Information Management

Product Catalogue

Extend industry-leading product data management across your entire supply chain. Builds and maintains all your products and data in a single source of truth.

Team Management

Bring your whole team into shared workflows. Assign roles and responsibilities to keep everyone on the same page.

Design File Storage

Omnae captures and catalogues the critical files that arise during engineering and production cycles eliminating opportunities for errors and making audits easy.

Order Data Management

All your orders with all of your vendors on one platform. Tie orders to product data, centralize contract review, acceptance, production status, and logistics strategy.

Document Control

Extend ISO 9001:2015 document and revision control to all of your suppliers and ensure they are always building off the right specifications.

Shipping Data Management

Track allocation of production into shipments, aggregate all your shipments, accounts, destinations and tracking on one platform

Purchase Order Collaboration

Order Creation and Presentation

Build and deploy your POs manually or through integrations with inventory and accounting. Manage contract review and acceptance and push event data where it needs to go. 

Purchase Orders

All your orders in one place. Unlimited line items, unlimited production runs, unlimited shipments. From simple POs to blanket POs, Omnae handles it all with ease. 

Order Tracking

Track product schedules and cycles in real time. Capture critical documents from your vendors as they arise.

Change Management

Most purchase orders change during their lifecycle. Gain the flexibility to collaboratively request and respond to changes in your dynamic supply chain.


Automate invoice receipt, validation, and entry into your accounting system. Omnae has all the smarts to know what invoices you should expect from your vendors and when.

Shipment Change Management

Manage and change which products ship, when and where they go as well as carrier and billing information collaboratively with your vendor.

Multi-Account Shipping

Store and manage all of your shipping accounts to accommodate multi-modal and third-party shipments and billing.

Order Change Management

Change quantities, production schedules, and deadlines in real time as needed.

Direct Drop Shipping

Arrange drop shipments and give receivers visibility into inbound shipments from the moment a PO is created.

Quality Management

Supplier Performance Metrics

Track your suppliers’ direct performance data and see how your they perform for their other customers on Omnae. Gain insight from aggregate performance data about your suppliers.

ISO 9001:2015 Compliance

The Omnae platform is designed with ISO 9001:2015 workflow best practices so that you can extend the system across your entire supply chain.

Order Conformance Metrics

ISO 9001:2015 compliant workflows auto-populate order data throughout production. Automatically gather quality metrics for all your parts and partners. Track order and product conformance across your supply chain.

Non-Conformance Reporting

Build NCRs directly off of orders, perform root cause analysis and resolve issues in one place. Omnae eliminates all the paperwork and data-logging making audit day quick and painless.

Root Cause Analyses

Get to the bottom of problems and quality issues in your supply chain and drive out risk and waste .

Sourcing & Product Development


Find suppliers on the Omnae network with the capabilities you need. Sort by production scale, location, order volume, quality, and many more options.


Order quick turn prototypes, iterate and then ramp production in one system.

Requests for Quotes

Upload your specifications and collaboratively review and revise your products for manufacturability. Handle multi-vendor bidding with aggregated feedback and bulk communication. Leave the huge email chains in the past.

Proofs & Samples

Make sure your outsourced manufacturing solution is validated and repeatable the first time according to industry best practices. Easy audit trail included.

Design for Manufacturability

Omnae DFM pulls together feedback from all your vendors so you can roll and deploy revisions easily and push them to all suppliers at once. Make sure your suppliers understand your products before they make them.

Bid Analyses

Compare bidding suppliers on more than just price. See who asked the right questions and how they performed for others while you make your decision.

Parts Sharing & Consignment

Share Parts and Assemblies

Share access to your relevant parts catalogue with your vendors so they can get the parts they need to build assemblies from the source you trust.

Consign Parts

Give your vendors visibility into orders that will ship to them so they can know when products your assemblies depend on will arrive.

Connect your Supply Network

Sharing parts automatically builds the connections and relationships you need between your suppliers so you don’t have to do it the old fashioned way.

Orchestrate Production

Set your suppliers up for success with the right sources and watch them work together to get your products to market quickly and reliably.

Gain Order Visibility

Owners of shared parts can see into every order placed for that part, even when ordered by another company.  Keep an eye on your supply beyond tier one.

Gain Quality Visibility

Owners of shared parts can see into all NCRs created relating to those parts, even when created by another company. Get the full story and find opportunities to eliminate problems and waste.

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