Supply chains come in all lengths and sizes, for every industry and exist in every part of the world. However, we don’t often think of supply chain development early enough when developing innovative ideas. 

Our CEO, Dan Lionello, is a contributing author to publications relating to supply chain resiliency, fortification and the importance of building a strong supply web – but in this article, he’s written about widening our gaze on supply chain considerations and the importance of early involvement,

“….have you ever considered what underpins every single great invention? From widgets, to gadgets, to robots and rockets – it’s a supply chain that transforms napkin doodles into tangible products that can be used in the real world.

A healthy supply chain is to a new invention, what a healthy blood flow is to a human brain. Without it, great ideas wither and die.”

Read more about what Dan has to say in January’s edition of Techvouver, an online publication providing real-time reporting and analysis of emerging technology news in Vancouver and throughout British Columbia.