Becoming ISO certified is essential to your business function and credibility. However, the current process to achieve and maintain certification requires the creation, implementation and continuous management of numerous complex procedures. Your company can save countless man hours by using Omnae as the foundation for your own ISO certification.


Quality Management Re-Imagined


Above all else, Omnae is a re-imagined Quality Management System. It takes what have traditionally been in house, closed, manual processes out of their siloes. In the Omnae system, quality management lives in a collaborative middle ground between organizations. In effect, organizations participating in the Omnae system become a part of one large, overarching QMS that drives a unified mission of continuous improvement throughout the global supply web.

Setting up Your ISO System with Omnae 


Typically, when setting up your ISO system, you have to create all the logs, documentation and standard operating procedures to track, manage and report on quality and non-conformances. Further, you must train each of your employees on the specific protocols and ensure that each step is being followed for each order, part and NCR/SCAR.


All of the data tracking, management and reporting tools, rules and SOPs you require to certify your outsourced manufacturing processes exist within the Omnae system. This eliminates redundant data entry, documents and spreadsheets that take up time and increase the margin for error.


Within Omnae, best practice procedures and data logging are part of the integrated workflows. Through vendor sourcing, request for quote, design review, revisions, proofing, first articling, ordering, production, and logistics every step is ISO compliant, mapped and forced in the system. Compliance training is now reduced to learning the user-friendly Omnae interface, instead of a binder full of steps and rules.  


Share a Single Source of Truth


Once you create a part, order, profile or non-conformance report the information is recorded and persisted system-wide. This eliminates the need for you and your manufacturing partners to replicate data entry across multiple tools and companies.


You and your customers or vendors will be working off of the same information at all times. This collaborative single source of truth allows you to trust that your data is up-to-date and correct throughout pre-production, production, delivery and NCR cycles.


Your team will save time on forensic NCR root cause investigations. All specifications, prices, batch sizes, and delivery details and dates for an order are proactively and irrefutably agreed upon and recorded in the system for all parties involved in production. 


Simplified Audits


Omnae has successfully compiled as the backbone of two ISO audit cycles, and is designed to be continually compliant over time. This drastically reduces the time required to undergo your annual audits. Instead of compiling reports and documentation, your auditor can reference your Omnae account as the source of all your data and workflows. 


Stress-Free Compliance


Omnae is in and of itself a quality management system designed to be hands-off, integrated and seamless. Managing and reporting your data is easy. By using the Omnae system, the time and stress required to set up and maintain the myriad of ISO requirements is dramatically reduced. 

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Christina Lionello

Marketing and Communications Specialist at Omnae