For Omnae, responding to a global pandemic was never in our business plan. However, we recognized that we had a unique ability to offer aid to our communities during the height of the COVID-19 crisis.  By pivoting our team to focus on utilizing pre-existing processes and relationships in outsourcing, Omnae was able to deliver these essential products faster than traditional sourcing methods and healthcare bureaucracy would allow.  

The global scramble for PPE was well-publicized. The market was imbalanced and the learning curve was steep. Rapid education on product specification was key to navigate this new water quickly and with integrity.  The Omnae team worked around the clock for two weeks from their living rooms, becoming subject matter experts in mask specifications and challenging PPE logistics. We faced countless hurdles as we navigated through misinformation, certification fraud, false supply, skewed pricing, payment hang-ups, cargo capacity and piracy, government bureaucracy and of course, customer urgency.

The experience was fast-paced and high-risk, but worth it in the end.  Omnae delivered over 400,000+ units of PPEs to local Canadian Hospitals and Health Care Practitioners.

LGH Foundation Thanks Donors
Thank you from the frontline staff at Lions Gate Hospital in British Columbia, Canada.

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